Launch of the SPS for care provider organisations

In early 2023, we launched an exciting new service to health and social care providers which is complementary to our  PRSB’s game-changing Standards Partnership Scheme for suppliers, which sees us work with more than 60 supplier partners  accelerating the adoption of standards to support interoperable digital care records. 

This new service is specifically designed for health and care providers, to support them on their journey towards adoption and evidence-based conformance with standards, so that they can provide more effective care and enhance their reputation through a recognised conformance quality mark.

People access care in many settings. To maintain a complete picture of a person’s health and care, information should be recorded and shared in a consistent way, so professionals can make informed decisions and provide the best care possible in the right place, at the right time. Information standards are designed to help achieve this. Implementing them allows health and social care providers to work more efficiently and effectively.  

Supported by system leaders, the scheme provides training, expert guidance and conformance services to all providers, no matter what level of digital maturity they are at.  It helps providers gain an in-depth understanding of standards and interoperability, and the key requirements for successful implementation. Partners are supported in their journey towards achieving the Quality Mark, which demonstrates publicly their conformance with PRSB’s standards. The Quality Mark is gained through robust and independent assessment of a supplier’s implementation of a specific standard.

“In the absence of PRSB standards, we couldn’t have achieved the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record. The PRSB is adept at building effective and constructive relationships through the Standards Partnership Scheme.”

Lee Rickles | Yorkshire & Humber Care Record