Lessons learnt from COVID

During the first wave of the pandemic, we produced a report entitled Digital health and care and COVID-19, based on a consultation on the rapid uptake of digitally enabled care during the initial stages of the pandemic, the lessons learned and opportunities for the future. We consulted with 100 stakeholders including our member organisations, partners, and system leaders, using a series of interviews and workshops.

This report makes 14 recommendations based on the feedback we heard from royal colleges, social care system leaders, health and care providers, patient/citizen groups, regulators, and others. The recommendations include building on the enthusiasm for digital but reviewing and evaluating its safety and quality in practice including in the use of remote monitoring via apps and other digital technologies, and virtual consultations in the provision of care. Participants also told us that better coordination of data collections in health and care are needed so that burden on frontline professionals can be reduced. We also heard that we need to improve information sharing to support new models of care, particularly in urgent and emergency care, as well as for personalisation of care, shared decision making, end of life care and integrating health and social care.

PRSB is currently leading work to address six of the recommendations and seeking system-wide support from our members and partners to address the other challenges raised and build on the enthusiasm for digital transformation that the pandemic has generated.