Usability and Accessibility

Making standards usable and accessible – the new viewer for standards on the website

Making the information and standards we produce easy to view is important. By ensuring the content of each standard is accessible and understandable, the PRSB can support organisations to implement them. That is why we have introduced a new standards viewer to our website, which clearly shows all the elements of the standards. Implementation guidance is also being developed to sit alongside standards in the viewer and support clinicians, informaticians, suppliers and others to adopt them.

PRSB is increasingly developing the logical models for standards that ensure standards have consistent clinical content and information such as value sets. The models also ensure data types are uniform as well which makes it easier for health and care systems suppliers and users to adopt them. In January 2021 PRSB was commissioned by NHSX to update the core information standard for shared care records to turn what was a conceptual model into a logical information model. We have also aligned our existing standards where necessary our maternity, child health, pharmacy information and updated standards, such as our social care standards. This creates consistency in clinical data and promotes a common-sense flow when using the standard.

Our team has worked closely with terminologists to map data elements to SNOMED CT’s latest release where required and we have also worked closely with NHS Digital’s classification team to add mappings to the NHS Data Dictionary. We are aligning our standards to the UK core R4 profiles which is an ongoing process and working with suppliers, most notably through our Standards Partnership Scheme to make standards more interoperable.

Our methodology

With our growth and maturity, PRSB has invested time and expertise in developing our methodology and we also established a project management office in 2021 to refine and streamline our approach to project management. It is important that customers understand PRSB’s methods, and to enable this, we have created a comprehensive guide to our processes from the proposal stage through project initiation to consultation, publication, and endorsement to implementation and maintenance. The guide was produced in collaboration with all members of our team and is available upon request.