PRSB membership

Membership is growing at a great rate. We increased our membership by 7 to 69 at the end of 2021, with social care organisations increasingly represented in our membership.

Their involvement in PRSB is intrinsic to delivering integrated care and we are delighted that their voices are heard and perspectives throughout all our work and particularly at our Advisory Board. Our members represent the millions of professionals working in health and care and 7 in 10 of our member organisations represent clinical and care professionals working across the four nations of the UK.  

Our Advisory Board are active in contributing and responding to consultations to support the development of national plans and strategies. Input from the membership is recognised as valuable across the system due to the breadth of disciplines and expertise represented, all united through a focus and commitment to improved health and care information to ensure high quality, integrated care.

PRSB members supported consultations on standards and interoperability, and plans for improving social care and have also been contributing to the data strategy for health and care in Scotland, as well as England, to ensure adequate thought has been given to information standards and UK wide interoperability where possible. 

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