A year of success

Our achievements

Structure and content of care records

In 2018/19 we revised and published standards for the structure and content of health and care records, that aligned all our transfer of care and integrated care standards to date in order to support digital information sharing among professionals. A high-level reference document for standards, The “PRSB Standards for the Structure and Content of Health and Care Records” describes what information should be gathered and shared in care records and how it should be recorded before it’s exchanged digitally across the NHS and social care.

"We will be in a position to deliver truly shared care records"

“We now have the key ingredients that health and care services need to join up information anywhere, at any time in the system. When we align standards to FHIR technology, we will be in a position to deliver truly shared care records and reap the benefits of safer, better, more efficient care”

Professor Maureen Baker, Chair of the PRSB