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Clinical referral letters

Referrals to hospital are increasing as more people continue to live longer with a range of complex conditions. In 2018/19 we published a new standard for digital referrals from GPs to hospitals, to support better and more efficient care. It’s designed to improve the exchange of referral information from GPs to hospital consultants and other professionals providing outpatient services.

This short educational video demonstrates how doctors should be completing e-discharge summaries and why it’s so important for care.

"Getting timely, accurate information is essential"

From my experience as a clinician, getting timely, accurate information is essential so that patients can get rapid access to the right services. A standardised referral process means people can then be triaged appropriately on to the best pathway of care, and as a result this will speed up referrals to specialist services.”

Dr Gareth Thomas, PRSB’s clinical advisor