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Document naming

This year we published a new document naming standard to ensure that documents which form a key part of the patient record are properly named and indexed, so they can be retrieved in order to provide ongoing care. At the moment information about a person’s previous care may be held on a number of IT systems, brought together as a patient’s digital record. In some cases doctors are scanning historical paper records into digital files.

This can make them hard to navigate and difficult to retrieve from the system, making care less targeted to the person’s needs and increasing the risk of errors. By standardising this information we can make care more efficient, and make sure vital information isn’t lost. The work builds on previous standards produced in Scotland.

Listen to the podcast

PRSB speaks to Di Readman, a parent, and Professor Iain Carpenter about the ways in which our document naming standard can improve care, especially in emergencies. Listen now

“If a clinician needs access to a patient’s previous x-ray results, these can all be found under ‘radiology reports’, rather than in a range of different places. Ultimately this will make care better and safer for patients, by ensuring easy access to important information.”

Neelam Dugar, consultant radiologist at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust