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Maternity records

As part of the national plans to improve maternity services, the NHS is changing the way information is shared between women, their midwives, doctors and other members of the health and care team. That’s why we created a digital maternity standard in 2018, to ensure that information held in digital maternity records is recorded in the right way so that it can be shared between systems.

If the right information can be exchanged between IT systems, it will save time for health and care professionals, as well as improve safety for women and their babies by ensuring the right data is available to make the best and safest decisions for care. This will enable midwives and clinicians to provide all-round care for women and their babies, and mothers will be able to manage their own health and that of their child more easily in future.

“I had an abscess after my pregnancy, but I was dealing with lots of different professionals who weren’t speaking to each other. I ended up developing sepsis and being taken to A&E which was extremely traumatic. I believe if there had been digital records, the problem could have been better monitored from the outset and the sepsis could have been prevented.”
Catriona, patient