Achievements 2019/20

Apps accreditation

As more apps and decision-making support tools are being developed to help people manage their own health and care, professionals and patients need a way of knowing if they are safe and effective to use.

Last year we were involved in two apps projects – firstly development of a standard for assessment of apps for NHS X which was helpful in getting a clear view from our members in terms of how they saw the apps ecosystem.  

We also worked closely with Your.MD to review their symptom checker app based around review of their quality management system.

We consulted on these projects through a range of webinars, tweet chats, surveys, interviews and workshops to ensure that we gained a diverse range of input, including people who have a good level of health and use apps in other areas of their life, such as fitness trackers. We also reflected the views of people who live with long-term conditions, to see what support they felt would be necessary from an app