Achievements 2019/20

COVID-19 guidance

In spring 2020, the PRSB developed guidance to support the recording of COVID-19 related information in people’s care records. Consistent use of COVID-19 related terms across all care setting in the four nations will enable better and more precise communication between health and care professionals, which in turn leads to better monitoring and treatment, as well as providing data for research, future management and planning.

The project was developed in the space of a month with the support of a team of health and care professionals, to meet the urgent need during the crisis. These new terms are based on SNOMED CT codes, which is the digital clinical language shared between different systems. There are 13 information categories including exposure to coronavirus, diagnosis and complications, test requests and results.

 “The PRSB has produced useful guidance on how best to record information on COVID-19” 

Dr Tim Yates, Royal Free London