Achievements 2019/20

Digitising historical GP (Lloyd George) records

All sectors of the NHS and social care are gearing up to provide fully digitised services.  This includes old GP records, known as ‘Lloyd George’ records. Although these patient records are no longer updated, they are needed to understand patients’ medical histories and may be shared with patients if they request to view them. Digitising these records forms part of a national programme in primary care to take advantage of the potential of digitisation to improve care, increase patient safety and support primary care teams.

The North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS) was tasked by NHS England to identify options for digitising historic Lloyd George records. PRSB conducted a national consultation to ask relevant professionals, patients and the public their views about the options that were available. The survey received a huge response, with more than 1200 people sharing their opinions. The findings from the consultation are being used by NHS England to produce guidance for GP practices on digitising their historical Lloyd George records.