Achievements 2019/20

Doctor's Download

Last year we worked closely with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to produce The Doctors Download consultation. Through this in-depth survey, we asked more than 420 practising doctors about how they felt digital changes were impacting their work, and what needed to change in order for systems to become fully digitised.  

 As well as fixing the basics of technology in health and care environments, respondents pointed out that clinicians should play a key role in shaping digital transformation. They also expressed concerns that too many different technology solutions were a barrier to improving care. Moving forward it will be important to reduce day-to-day friction in the use of technology to support healthcare service delivery, which means working collaboratively. We all recognise the dramatic acceleration in digital transformation that has taken place during the pandemic and the enthusiasm of health and care professionals and people who use services themselves to embrace its benefits and possibilities. As we move forward, it will be important to bear in mind the feedback people have shared with us, not only about fixing the basics but ensuring systems are responsive to users’ needs. 

Our hope is that by engaging the UK medical workforce we can generate fresh insight into both the practical and cultural barriers and enablers around digital and technology so that organisations such as PRSB can use standards and regulation to support doctors.” 

Professor Maureen Baker

Chair of The PRSB