Toolkits to help people use standards

Further helping health and social care organisations and professionals to implement standards, we’ve developed a toolkit which can support local systems in implementing the PRSB Palliative and End of Life Care Information Standard. This ensures that the person is at the heart of important decision making. Resources included in the toolkit will help plan, build support and engage effectively with key stakeholders as you implement the standard to provide high-quality and personalised care, and improve the experience for the patient, their carer, and their families.  We are currently working on toolkits of other standards using the same approach.

Last year, we also developed a toolkit for the implementation of the Personalised Care and Support Planning Standard in health and social care organisations, enabling them to embed the standard to support the sharing of a person’s needs, goals and wishes to provide a personalised care and support to individuals.

Toolkit for the PRSB Palliative and End of Life Care Information Standard

Toolkit for the Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard

Community Mental Health: Care Planning