Media and parliamentary engagement

In November 2022, PRSB Chair Professor Maureen Baker joined the Expert Panel to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee and gave evidence on progress toward digitising the health and care system which informed their influential report on Digital Transformation in the NHS. PRSB submitted a response to the Committee supporting the Expert Panel’s view that progress on digitisation has been too slow, particularly in adopting standards that support interoperability and prioritising engagement with professionals and the public on the imperative and benefits of digital transformation is urgently needed.

Quote from Jane Dacre from the Expert Panel’s report:

“The aspirations to transform the NHS, supported by the right digital foundations, are to be applauded, however, our report finds evidence mainly of opportunities missed.”           

PRSB Chair Maureen Baker was a member of the expert group advising the NHS Innovation and Life Sciences Commission inquiry on health data, chaired by Lord O’Shaughnessy, former Minister in the Lords and Mike Bewick, former Deputy Medical Director at NHS England.