People Network

The experiences of people who use services are integral to our work, and we could not develop standards without them. Last year we announced plans to launch a people network, which was formally launched in 2021. Self-care, self-management, illness prevention and personal goals are a vital part of wellbeing for many people and their carers.

Excellent quality information that can be shared between systems is essential for facilitating this level of personalised support. The new network will aim to support people in influencing what and how information is prioritised for care and give them a voice in deciding how it is shared.

Our goals will be to work with a more diverse network of people on projects and better support people in sharing their views and concerns. We have already begun re-evaluating current processes to ensure that topics are accessible, and that people feel they can get involved and share their views in a meaningful way to support change within the system.

The new network will also offer support and training where needed. We have established a committee led by people who use services, which will be expanding this year and we are a considering a range of funding options to push the network forward.

“I like the fact that PRSB incorporated patient views and has a patient lead on projects. I think it’s incredibly important that our voices are represented, particularly as health and care continues to change and we get more involved.”

Emma Robertson

Patient lead on the PRSB nursing standard