Professional Network

Launched at the beginning of 2022, we have now had 72 people join the Professional Network. Professionals in the network including CCIOs, CIOs, CMIOs, CNIOs, Consultants, GPs, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacists and technical specialists.

The Professional Network is for any individual working in the health or care sector with an interest in standards and the digital agenda. It is also for professionals working in areas related to digital transformation, including informatics, data analysis, IT systems suppliers, change management, education and training. The Network encourages professionals to lead on PRSB projects or contribute in other ways. The network provides a space for shared learning and it can contribute to CPD certification.  

The purpose of the Professional Network is to:

  • build a strong group of clinicians, social care professionals and people working in informatics, IT and related profession
  • support PRSB’s core goal to drive the development and adoption of information standards
  • invite professionals to become active participants in PRSB’s work, in a wide variety of ways 
  • share learning, provide advice and raise queries and concerns around issues related to standards, standards implementation, interoperability and the future of digital technology and skills in health and care.