Supporting NHSX

PRSB consultations to support NHSX’s strategy for standards and interoperability

Standards are vital for ensuring better care, but they are only useful if they are adopted across the health and social care system. NHSX aims to ensure standards are fit for purpose and widely adopted so that health and care information can be shared digitally across systems. NHSX commissioned PRSB to support the development of its strategy for standards and interoperability. PRSB consulted widely on NHSX’s draft strategy, undertaking a series of thought-provoking discussions with professionals and people who use services about their ideas for improving the standards development process, engaging suppliers throughout the process and securing widescale adoption through a programme of large-scale change management.

PRSB held a series of semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders followed by a wide-ranging workshop to gather views and perspectives on the maturity of digital information sharing, the progress made and reasons why as well as the challenges and opportunities to speed adoption of standards and interoperability. The final report recommended how further progress can be made and measured.

This work culminated in a wide-ranging and intensive consultation to inform NHSX’s draft strategy for standards and interoperability. PRSB undertook a series of interviews and held workshops with a broad cross section of stakeholders to consider and recommend how we build on standards and interoperability successes to date to improve people’s care. The feedback from participants was that we should have one clear approach to standards development that includes how they will be adopted, their successful implementation measured and benefits identified.

Supporting social care standards development

As part of its strategy for standards and interoperability, NHSX also asked PRSB to consult widely on developing a strategic approach to standards and interoperability for social care that supports integration of health and care and the information needed for continuity of care between services.

PRSB worked with stakeholders to compile a list of existing standards for social care that should be adopted by system suppliers and carried out a series of semi-structured interviews and an online workshop to identify what other social care standards are needed.

PRSB made a series of recommendations to drive forward NHSX’s strategy for standards and interoperability which are being reviewed and actioned by the national team.